The Hadrian Pilot (known as the Hadrian Safety System)

Fall protection solution

The Hadrian Safety System is a rigid, extruded aluminium rail system providing both a functional solution to modern fall protection problems, and proactive restraining system for multiple users. The aluminium rail is made from fully heat treated extruded 6082 alloy to (T6 condition), anodised to AA25 Marine grade specification, making it extremely resistant to corrosion.

Designed for ease of installation, or retrofitting, to work boats, buildings and structures, the Hadrian Safety System provides a functional integrated safety system for inspection and maintenance purposes that satisfies current legislation.

Its four wheel attachment carriage provides an uninterrupted/continuous safety system for clip-on safety harnesses, allowing free movement without adjustment over the full length of the rail. This is achieved by anchorages that when fixed to a vessel structure or its stanchions allow the rail to float.

The roller harness carriage (or CAR) is a revolutionary design of the Hadrian System running on self lubricating delryn wheels that glide around the alloy rail. A stainless steel pivoting take off allows lanyard attachment angles between plus or minus 90 degrees whilst maintaining free running of the carriage. The CAR exceeds the safety specifications of EN795 Class D by a factor of two.

Pilot Boats and Marine Architects:

The Hadrian Pilot system allows full access to port and starboard without the need to unclip. In "man over board" situations one crew member, with the support of Hadrian, can easily carry out a successful rescue.

  •  Custom designed for use at sea
  •  Full technical backup for life of vessel
  •  Reduced load on structure & stanchions
  •  No stretch or snagging (as with wire)
  •  Free running & user friendly

Hadrian Pilot meets all of the Personal Protective Equipment requirements of the latest Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice (SVC) and Pilot vessel specific prescriptions: 'Efficient', in relation to a fitting, piece of equipment or material means that all reasonable or practical measures have been taken to ensure that it is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended.

The SCV Code of Practice Requires: TOTAL HANDS FREE SECURITY.

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